Sunday, April 4, 2010

An update from Ron Pope

This year we had 38 applications for the eight teaching positions in our English program -- the most ever! Former AH teachers Brooke Ricker (2005-06) and David Johnson (2002-04) here in the States and Galya, Lena, and Olya in Vladimir all contributed to selecting what we thought were the top 16 prospects, each of which we have tried to interview at least twice via Skype video. (For the record, it does seem to be very helpful to be able to see -- and not just hear -- the candidates, despite the frequent technical problems with the video and sometimes the sound.)

The selection process is proving to be a major challenge. But the end result should be an excellent group of new teachers.

When the selection process is finished, we will introduce the new team on the blog.

With the help of the former teachers, including webmaster and Facebook and blog monitor Jane Keeler and input from a very busy Sarah Rorimer, and the extended participation of the staff in Vladimir, we are clearly making significant improvements.

I am especially appreciative of the help with the screening of the applicants.

When the dust settles, I promise to provide a major update here on the blog.

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