Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The upcoming new teachers have been hired!

The last two teachers have been hired! It was a challenging process. There were more really solid applicants than we had positions to fill. The last few decisions were especially difficult to make.

Two things were especially helpful this year--in addition to having a large pool of solid applicants to hire from. 1) The input from both David and Brooke on this side and from Galya, Olya, and Lena at the AH. I especially liked having AH staff participate in the interviews. 2) The ability to conduct interviews via Skype video. Facial expressions were sometimes more "communicative" than what applicants were saying.

I hope we will be able to use Skype for regular "meetings" throughout the year. The one problem is that when more than two computers are on line, video apparently isn't available. (Does anyone know if there is a way to get around this?)

Info--"head shots" and brief bios--on the new team should be up on the website by next week. Jane can post a note when she has been able to take care of this.

We will also invite this year's teachers to reflect on their experience--with brief notes here and longer comments on the blog.


NOTE:  The stipend we are currently (2019) able to pay our American teachers is sufficient to cover immediate living expenses -- with a decent amount left over.  The American Home's Assistant Director, Oxana Ustinova, can provide up-to-date financial information:

Also, there are no longer any significant computer problems.

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