Monday, January 25, 2010

Study in Vladimir, Russia!

The American Home Intensive Russian Program

The American Home program is unique. Because of the broad scope of our work in Vladimir, we are able to provide opportunities that are beyond the scope of other Intensive Russian Programs, including:

• academic programs customized to the needs of each student;
• flexible program scheduling;
• relatively inexpensive program cost;
• one-to-one study with experienced faculty;
• homestay with a carefully selected Russian family;
• “Russian friend-conversation partner” program;
• on-site 24 hour administrative support;
• opportunities to participate in the American Home's other special projects – assisting orphans at a children's home, street basketball tournament, law enforcement exchanges, tourism development, etc.;
• comfortable, home-like, atmosphere;
• well-equipped classrooms;
• chances to meet and socialize with the more than 400 Russians participating in the American English Program at the American Home each semester;
• and much more!

The Intensive Russian Program at the American Home in Vladimir is more than just a language study course. It is a unique opportunity to delve deeply into Russian culture, knowing that there is a sturdy and tested safety net nearby. You have the chance to take healthy risks and meet interesting and educational challenges during your stay in Vladimir.

Our Russian language faculty are acknowledged – by Russian language university professors and other academic professionals in the United States, former American Home students, and others who have witnessed their teaching talents – as ranking among the best in their field.

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